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Buy a Spanish riding horse: Horse sales online from the established horse dealer in Germany

Majestic-Horses is one of the most famous and traditional horse stables in the Valencia region. We buy young horses from the best breeders and train them professionally in our riding school. Only after completing this training do we offer them for sale online. Our focus in horse sales, which we organize online, is on PRE´s, Andalusians and Lusitanos. As a Spanish horse dealer we are engaged in Germany, whole Europe and further continents like America and Asia. Customers around the globe trust our horse selection and the competent riding. It’s worth buying a riding horse from us.

Baroque horses: buy purebred, glamorous riding horses

As a horse dealer for Germany and many other countries we have specialised in Baroque horses for our online horse sales. For one thing, we sell Andalusians, a horse breed of Spanish descent. These belong to the category of Iberian horses. The majority of our horses for sale belong to the breed “Pura Raza Española”. On the other hand, we also sell Baroque horses as well as Lusitanos, whose breeding history began in Portugal. There are differences between these horse breeds, but the similarities dominate. When you buy these riding horses, you are choosing ideal dressage horses that are, however, very versatile. Their nerve strength, for example, makes them ideal leisure partners and equally suitable for working equitation or freedom dressage. These expressive and impressive animals are also called baroque horses: In the Middle Ages and later epochs, these horses served primarily representative purposes, for example during military parades.

Buy riding horses with strong character: The advantages of our horses

Andalusians and Lusitanos are characterized by some advantages. In addition to the beautiful physique, the special character of these horses deserves special mention. They prove to be strong on will and nerves, at the same time they captivate with their elegant appearance. For these reasons they are very popular with many dressage riders, they are ideal for this sport. Even under tough competition conditions, they call up their best performances and are not impressed by the surroundings or the spectators.

Before you buy a horse online, you should consider the subtle differences between these horse breeds. Andalusians, for example, like with their graceful gaits and lovable friendly character, Lusitanos convince with their expansive steps and their great courage.

Buy high quality riding horses: Versatile use

As a horse sales stable for Germany and Co. we sell our baroque horses not only to dressage riders. Our clientele also includes many who buy a riding horse for a different motivation. This is another advantage: Andalusians and Lusitanos are versatile. After buying a horse online, they provide valuable services as a leisure horse, among other things, you can make extensive rides with your future horse. If you buy these riding horses, you can also look forward to personal and above-average teachable horses.

Buy a well-trained riding horse

All horses that we offer in our online horse sales are trained by experienced professionals. If you want to buy a riding horse from us, you can be prepared
for perfectly prepared horses. Of course we organise the training in an animal-friendly way. As a horse seller for Germany and the world, we guarantee a varied training that includes various components such as dressage lessons, ground work, Spanish walk, obedience and regular rides.

Inform about the horse purchase online

On our homepage, which is always up to date, you will find everything you need to know about our horse sales online. We have designed our website in German, so that you can inform yourself extensively about us as a horse trader also in Germany. Many of the horses we currently offer are portrayed in detail, so that you can make a thorough impression online. You are welcome to visit us in Spain at Valencia before you buy the horse you want.

Horse sales online: Have your horse delivered to Germany
by a professional horse dealer

Whether you prefer an online horse purchase or an on-site visit: In both cases, as renowned horse dealers, we promise that you won’t have to worry about anything in Germany. We organise the transport of horses in cooperation with our forwarding agent, who usually delivers to Germany twice a month. Our forwarder will also hand over all the necessary documents to you on delivery.

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