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Andalusian horses for sale | buy purebred Andalusians with Majestic horses

An Andalusian horse embodies Spanish pride and tradition. Andalusian horses have become the symbol of Spanish horse breeding. An Andalusian horse, which is registered in the stud book, belongs to the “Pure Spanish breed” (Pura Raza Española | PRE). In order to receive a registration in the studbook, the mares and stallions must first be licensed. Horses that do not participate in or do not pass the strict licensing procedure will not receive an entry as a PRE (Pure Spanish breed) and are called Andalusians. Majestic horses sells Andalusians both with and without an entry in the stud book.

At Majestic horses we focus on riding, training as well as arranging and selling horses from Spanish horse breeding. If you have the desire to buy an Andalusian horse, you have found the right partner in us. We provide purebred Andalusians for dressage as well as for leisure sport. Each Andalusian horse that we offer for sale has a Spanish descent, that promises great potential.
All of the horses are ridden by our professional riders. Young horses enjoy excellent training under our compassionate riders. We sell Andalusians who master the circensic lessons, who have been trained in Working Equitation, and Andalusians, who are trained in classical equestrianism and Alta Escuela, the high art of dressage. It is a standard that all horses from our stable receive a basic general education for basic obedience. At Majestic horses, you will find a top trained Andalusian, who will meet your personal requirements for equestrian sport.

The dream of buying an Andalusian horse comes true with Majestic horses

Did you always dream of buying an Andalusian horse? These compact and muscular horses have always fascinated you with their power and elegance? We have acquired a great deal of knowledge about this Spanish horse breed and know exactly how to work out the strengths and essential characteristics of this breed. With us you can buy gorgeous Andalusians, who both have a healthy and strong anatomy and Spanish grace, as well as possess the meek and sensitive traits of this breed. Our horses are kept in a manner appropriate to the species, they receive good medical care and support, they experience a loving approach and they receive a lot of attention and praise. We offer you the opportunity to buy your dream Andalusian, which fits perfectly suits you and your needs. Do you want to buy an Andalusian horse that is cuddly and has a friendly and attentive nature in general? We have Andalusians for sale, who were able to only gain good experience with humans. We offer you the opportunity to buy a healthy, well-educated, gentle and personalized Andalusian at Majestic Horses.

Majestic horses – Buy Andalusians in Spain

You would like to buy an Andalusian/PRE in Spain? At Majestic horses you can buy Iberian horses like Andalusians, PRE’s or Lusitanos directly from Spain. We take care of the entire organization, such as the export documents, the transportation etc. If you would like to buy a cuddly, affectionate Andalusian horse, that focusses on you, which has potential for the upper level of dressage sport or is also perfect for leisure sports, then you will find the suitable Andalusier / PRE at Majestic horses. We have precious Andalusians for sale who are spirited, obedient, attentive and meek. It is our passion to sell Andalusians/PRE’s to you who convince with elegant and smoothe moves. At Majestic horses, we train and sell horses on the highest level. As one of the largest German-speaking sellers of Iberian horses, Majestic Horses always has a large portfolio of horses – from raw to Grand Prix ridden – ready for you.

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